Arizona Rangers Fredrikstad

The fearless 26, the few, the proud

About us


The original Arizona Rangers was organized in 1901 to protect the Arizona Territory from outlaws and rustlers. With the maximum strength of only 26 men, they covered the entire territory. They were picked from law-officers, military men, ranchers and cowboys.
By 1909, the Arizona Rangers had largely accomplished their goals and were disbanded by the Territorial Governor. In total there were only 107 original Territorial Rangers.
Arizona Rangers Fredrikstad cowboy action shooting club was officially founded August 2nd 2000 in our club-cabin in Fredrikstad.

As a proof of membership, we use the Arizona Ranger’s badge, of course.

 Arizona Rangers Fredrikstad, is a part of Scandinavian Western Shooters, our parent association.  SWS is an association approved by the department of justice. Arizona Rangers is also part of  “Svartkrutten” or “Fredrikstad Svartkruttklubb” shooting club, and all our members are also members of  Svartkrutten (Svartkrutten means Blackpowder). We use Svartkutten`s shooting range and club-cabin at Regimensmyra in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Hello Group, My name is Jeff, I am a Sergeant with the (real) Arizona Rangers in Scottsdale Arizona.
I have been with the Rangers for three years now. There is actually a lot of history in the original Arizona Rangers, now days we still retain all of the history, but dress and use the latest hi tech weaponry.
We are aware of all the different Arizona Rangers reenactment companies throughout the world, and we are proud of you, carry on and be safe.”
We’re always looking for new rangers!